Transforming Complex Trauma

Reflections on Anti-Racist Psychotherapy

Transform your understanding of Complex Trauma... Forever.

Building on the effectiveness of EMDR Therapy, I wanted to create an approach that helps people who suffer from complex trauma as well as complex racial trauma.  Join me on a journey of spreading the word on the Anti-Racist Psychotherapy of the future!

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Transforming Complex Trauma

Reflections on Anti-Racist Psychotherapy

Step into a space where complex trauma and racial healing intersect. Guided by an anti-racist psychotherapeutic approach called Rhythm and Processing (RAP), this book is an extension of all of my previous work to work toward resolving the mental health consequences of racial trauma. 

What You Will Learn:

The fundamentals of complex trauma and its impact on trauma survivors.
Innovative techniques derived from EMDR Therapy, polyvagal theory, memory reconsolidation, and motivational interviewing.
Real-life case studies demonstrating the application and effectiveness of RAP strategies.

Who Can Benefit:

Therapists looking to enhance their practice with advanced techniques.
Individuals seeking to understand and overcome their complex trauma.
Anyone interested in the intersection of psychotherapy and social justice.

Take the First Step:

This book brings together anti-racist psychotherapy concepts while advocating for a new paradigm in mental health treatment. It highlights the use of the RAP technique, the four cores of Anti-Racist Psychotherapy, Africentric principles, and memory reconsolidation. 

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